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Wei Jun, Anney Yang

Plastic Injection Mould,Blowing Mould,Stamping Mould

Welcome to XinTongLian website! We are the pioneering China mould manufacturer focusing on plastic injection mould, plastic blow mould, die casting mould, silicone rubber mould and stamping mould, etc. Grounded on ample mould design experience, we are nimble in providing one-stop mould OEM/ODM covering 3D design, prototype manufacturing, volume production as well as product assembly and delivery. In addition, we also excel at producing all kinds of moulding products, fast forming products and products assembly which are highly applicable for industries of automotive, household appliance, sanitary fittings, medical equipment, constructional materials, machinery and craft. Each year, 90% of our mould products are exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle Asia, Europe, America, and Australia.

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    1. Plastic Injection Mould

      XinTongLian has led the way with burgeoning development in design and manufacture of plastic injection mould. Fabulous mould design is backed with our competent ...

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    1. Plastic Blow Mould

      We are the reputable mould manufacturer and competent at extrusion blow molding, injection blow molding and injection stretch blow molding. We have produced a ...

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    1. Metal Stamping Die

      Grounded on progressive stamping molding and progressive stamping die, we are capable of catering to your OEM orders or small amount purchases.

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    1. Metal Die Casting Mould

      Our tool steel die mould involves the utilization of high quality steel including H13, NAK80, 2738 and 8407. However, OEM die casting mould is also presented ...

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    1. Injection Moulded Plastic Parts

      In addition to those materials above, special plastic material is also available upon request. Injection plastic OEM is offered to cater to your specific needs, such as logo printing ...

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    1. Blow Moulded Plastic Parts

      Generally, we utilize injection blow moulding to produce blow mould for bottle and perform. The process starts with plastic injection and follows with air blowing.

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    1. Stamped Parts

      The stamped parts feature high precision, smooth surface and exceptional stability, as well as excellent interchangeability. Precision may vary by different ...

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    1. Die Cast Parts

      These metal die casting parts are highly renowned for superior precision, clean surface and stability. Customers avail from exceptional interchangeability.

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    1. Rubber Products

      In recent years, our silicone rubber parts have been amazingly recognized by customers home and broad. One of the most essential reasons is the utilization of ...

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